About us

Gendemous is a diversity-sensitive management consultancy. We are specialized in helping enterprises of the health branch, creative branch and so-called „Human-Factor-Innovation Organizations“ transforming and improving their businesses according to the topics diversity, innovation and change management. – „Human-Factor-Innovation Organizations“ are organizations for whose success innovation and the factor personnel plays a salient and crucial role in determining their success and growth.

The neologism “Gendemous” [dƷendƏmƏs] is derived from three words: “Gender”, “Demos” and “Us”. Our name clearly communicates what we care about in our work: that is equal opportunities, sustainable solutions in the context of demographic changes and about the realization of individual development and common growth in organizations. This growth also serves whole society, because healthy functioning organizations promote the healthy development of individuals. Healthy individuals again are therefore a part of the society. For this purpose we pursue our individual strategy when helping to bring about change alongside diversity and change which arises from our specific professional approach & culture.


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