Who knows nothing, loves nothing. Who can do nothing, understands nothing. Who understands nothing, is worth nothing. But who understands, loves, notes and sees also (…) The more knowledge to a thing is inherent, the greater the love (…) Who thinks, all fruits would become ripe a with the strawberries, knows nothing of grapes.“  Paracelsus cited in Erich Fromm in der The Art of Loving

Our services

Customers that seek our expertise and advice are organizations of the health sector, the creative industry, high-tech and therefore innovation-driven industries, public sector organizations and for purpose organizations.  We also coach private clients along personal change management challenges.

Our management and change management approach is diversity sensitive. This means, we systematically consider the diversity-related variables, aspects, and issues that occur in the specific change needs at hand. Our goal is foster acquired diversity, interpersonal diversity competencies, empathy and appreciation as well as a sustainable diversity return on investment. We approach your change management needs with the proper and thorough facilitation of subjects and challenges in the context of demographic changes, diversity- and innovation- management, diversity-related self-management as well as authentic lifestyle design and career planning. Thus we create individual case-related solutions. Our mission is to create a better future for our customers – at an individual and organization level.

Our approach is multilayered, approaches problems from several perspectives and handles it with different proven methods in multiple steps.

Here you find here a list of the type of products we offer and projects we engage in:

  • Diversity-Management-Implementation and Diversity-Audit
  • Diversity-Management-Optimization
  • KPI-driven D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) Practices
  • Project management of Diversity-Projects
  • Diversity-sensitive Personnel Development
  • Diversity-sensitive Monitoring and Development of New Business Models (also: Data-Science-based Analysis of Diversity Performance with python und Mara)
  • Diversity-sensitive Handling of strategic Human Resource Management
  • Diversity-sensitive Change Management & strategic Organizational Development
  • Diversity-sensitive Talent- & Innovation Management
  • Diversity Training & diversity-sensitive Teambuilding
  • Mindfulnesstraining for Employees and Executives
  • Systemic Organizational Analysis
  • Corporate Potential Analysis according to Diversity