Your profit: A diversity sensitive management approach

It is empirically proven (see Green, et al (2013)) that deliberately working with diversity results in advantages and increased profits. Systematic and professional diversity consulting can increase your return on investment (ROI) in the context of human resource practices. Moreover, applying elaborate strategic diversity related initiative and organization changes reveal unknown potentials and raise organizational effectivity.

Our services will offer you insights into the best strategic way to benefit from these experiences and show you how to apply these practices for the best development of your organization. 

What is Diversity?

The term “diversity” came up in the context of the American Civil Rights movement and became an established term to describe social complexity. Considering the demographic change, the definition of diversity has to be on the agenda for any HR team that manages its staff responsibly. On the following pages you get information about our approach of managing diversity and about our very specific perspective of working with diversity. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our perception of diversity

Literature typically describes three different layers of diversity:

  • The organisational layer
  • Team structures
  • The dyadic level (see Kearney Völpel (2012))

On these levels diversity can be effective, noticed and measured.

The body of research on diversity is mostly focused on the layer of teams, the “organizational-unit”-level and the level of the whole organization, especially in international Organizations. Our perspective of diversity is based on the appreciation that diversity arises in the interaction between the employees. There is no necessarily needed required condition for having a vast representational variety in order to be confronted with  complex diversity, because diversity itself is diverse, multilayered and complex. For the cognition of diversity our psychological condition is more crucial than social variables. The ability of perceiving, valuing and using diversity starts with the personal attitude of every individual towards itself and others.

For that reason we are trained to sense the slight facets of diversity as well as to evoke and strengthen the creativity of your employees which is closely connected with diversity. This is done by managing sensitively (sensing and promoting the advantages) and by coaching affected stakeholders. This resource based approach supports professional competence, personal responsibility and personality development. Hereby you can find that organizations that are successfully managed in terms of diversity and diversity related change management show increased motivation, commitment and competence. This especially is the case when it comes to providing solutions in highly volatile and competitive markets. These solutions result in advantages for your company and every individual employee we work with.