„Hey, believe it, the official view of the world has changed in a whole new way.“ 

The Offspring, Nitro (Youth Energy), Smash 1994



If we are dealing with change, we find out: Firstly, there are two kinds of change:

First, that kind of change which comes up to us and we might not be able to have any influence on it. 

And then there is the change or the transformation which we ourselves promote consciously and self-directed.

In most cases, these both kinds of change are intertwined.

That is because today the world is even stronger connected in its different interactions and units. –

Incidentally, this communion stands in direct relation to demographic developments, progressing digitization and increasing globalization.

The relation of self-directed and not self-chosen change brings to bear especially in the relationship between demographic change and change management:  

We, as singular individuals, have only limited impact on how population and therefore our working conditions have changed.

However, what we can steer and form, though, is how we as individuals and decision-makers deal and cope with the given circumstances.

Therefore, especially in tumultuous and change-driven times, it is important to apply level-headed and deliberate action as well as controlling the controllable dimensions.

– Gendemous is your competent and attentive partner when it comes to applying  diversity sensitive change management in your company or bringing your personal change potential to fruition.